Destruction AllStars Update 1.2.4. is Live; Here’s the Details

Now that the planned server maintenance is over, Destruction AllStars Update 1.2.4. is rolling out to consoles, bringing with it a new server region and more.

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CobraKai251d ago

Fun game. I’m glad it was free with Plus though. I don’t think i would be happy if I paid full price.

PSVRking251d ago

Agreed, for $70USD I would’ve been pissed, lol.

monkey602251d ago

The last update wrecked this game for me. I had no issues until that patch and now I've had an abundance of them. Hopefully this resolves that

Phoenix76251d ago

Just got my ps5 today, will check this game out over the weekend.
What's everyone's opinion of it?

jukins251d ago

Its a fun game to pick up play a few Matches every few days or so.