Use Your iPhone to Fight Global Warming

That's right, you can now use your iPhone to fight global warming. How, you say? Simple - buy the new app called 'A Real Tree' and you will actually be buying a real tree (go figure) that will be planted on your behalf somewhere in this crazy world of ours.

Hans Chung, founder of Mokugift and developer of the Real Tree app, had the following to say:

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Twizlex3701d ago

I'm no tree-hugger, but this seems pretty neat.

Cookigaki3701d ago

Agreed. Cookigaki feels bad for all the bamboo inadvertantly chopped down by rogue ninja sword, so Cookigaki will do a part to help the world feel better.

Dan Landis3701d ago

Aww... Cookigaki is so sweet.

JsonHenry3701d ago

Pshh. Trees are over rated. Bush(es) are were the real action is at.

Cookigaki3701d ago

You mean bush like the president, the plant, or the vagina?

ZootHornRollo3701d ago

global warming is a myth....

poopface13701d ago

They probally send everyone a picture of the same tree and say its ther tree.
I heard on planet earth that something like 75% of the earths oxygen comes from algae anyways.

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Dan Landis3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Edit: Sorry, double post.

Twizlex3701d ago

You better be sorry, fake Dan Landis. LOL, dude, you should actually change your name to Fake Dan Landis. That would be way funnier since a lot of people don't even know who you are impersonating anyway.

Foxgod3701d ago

global warming is a hoax, disgusting they try to sell their products with a scam....

Twizlex3701d ago

I don't think global warming is a hoax, but I don't think it's completely accurate either.

Cookigaki3701d ago

You know what else is a hoax? Monogamy.


i agree foxgod, al gore and other liberals trying to scare us for our money, your dumb to believe, they pay scientists excellent money to say that its happening too, tell me why the glaciers are what was it, i think 5 or 10 times bigger than they where, dont believe the government people, you believe them to much theyll start saying game consoles effect the ozone as well and take our right of playing video games, believe me it can happen, they are already getting ready for martial law, they deployed 20,000 troops in america, what are they getting ready for, hmm maybe an uprising, but it doesnt mean we shouldnt take care of our world. GOTO

SaiyanFury3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Agreed Monolith, global warming is a political scare tactic and nothing more. Here in Florida we're experiencing our second coldest autumn on record since record keeping began in the 1860s. I'm not worried about all the hype they put out, neither should anyone else be.

Instead of giving my money to Apple for more marketing, I'll go plant a real tree myself just to make sure it's getting done. Being green is a good idea and being cleaner also. But don't buy into the spin put out by the political movement. It's all BS.

Proxy3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Sound familiar?

I did a report for school, I have another source (which I would have to look up, can't remember) which contains a quote from around the 50's stating global warming was a problem, and then another quote from earlier stating global cooling.

1925: Oh noes, global cooling!
1950: Global warming, we're dooomed!
1975: Global cooling, cover the earth in soot to help warm it up!
2000: Global warming, give us money and we'll save you!
2005: Global climate change, now we got our bases covered.

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almanay3701d ago

Blah blah blah blah blah .... Next I'm making an app called " A real sun " Buy it and get your own sun :P

dkgshiz3701d ago

to be true. But theirs over at least 10 different commercials on tv talking about how we have to stop global warming. Its just a big scam.

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