Can the Breath of the Wild Sequel Surpass the Original?

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "As fans wait for the next mainline chapter through the lands of Hyrule, one question needs to be asked. Can the Breath of the Wild sequel surpass the original?"

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Levii_92116d ago

A very tough question.. it will all come down to the world design and the new map for me. Oh and the story i hope it’s much deeper this time and of course some quality of life improvements here and there.

Speaking of maps i can’t for the life of me think of what the new location will be .. it can’t be Hyrule again that’s been done already so what then? Any Zelda fans with the super lore knowledge here ?

camel_toad116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I'm glad it won't be a cross-gen title and I'm hoping this "underground" they speak of means that there will be zeldaesque dungeons.

bouzebbal116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

It better do.. Original was so boring, empty and super repetitive

Jin_Sakai116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Not to me. I enjoyed the game and thought the open nature was relaxing and fun. What I didn’t like was the shrines. I want proper dungeons back!

bouzebbal115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Yes but the shrines were a big part of the game.. You better find them to be able to teleport and not waste time getting where you last died.
It's all about finding the high tower scanning the area finding shrines...over and over and over again.. So redundant..

The game was technically impressive, no doubt about that.. But it lacks depth and variety. Yes it was relaxing when you decide to just pay around.. Gets more annoying when you are trying to get to your goal.

VerminSC115d ago


So much more than shrines!
Finding dragon scales
Shield surfing/challenges
Survival mechanisms
Horse training and finding legendary horses
Secret chest location
Enemy camps
Collecting memories
Korok seeds
Optional bosses
Etc etc

NecrumOddBoy116d ago

Yeah, the first game was pretty mediocre and lacked so much that makes a Zelda title. If it had any other name, it would have been ignored.

Neonridr116d ago

ever played the very first Legend of Zelda on NES? Start the game, here's a sword, go figure it out. BOTW, wake up, walk outside, figure it out. Notice the similarities?

DarthMarvin116d ago

@Neonridr Except the first Legend of Zelda actually had a story and dungeons.

VerminSC116d ago

Compared to most open world games it was FAR less repetitive and boring.

BOTW Is the only open world game I truly love

DarthMarvin116d ago

You should play Horizon: Zero Dawn. It's incredible.

bouzebbal115d ago

Play Ghost of Tsushima, and enjoy the ride

VerminSC115d ago


I’ve played GOT.
I mostly enjoyed it but it’s literally one of the most repetitive games I’ve ever played!

Mongol camp, over and over. Follow this bird, follow this fox. It was the same thing over and over.

If the combat wasn’t compelling and the environments beautiful there’s no way I wouldn’t finished it.

VerminSC115d ago


I initially really enjoyed it but I became bored and never completed it.

I know I know, don’t kill me. Just not my type of game

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Kabaneri116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

If BOTW was a Ubisoft game it would have been reviewed more honestly.... but of course its a Nintendo game so every mainstream outlet gives it a 9 or 10 by default. Fanboys DDOSed Jim Sterling's website just because he dared rate it 7/10. The Nintendo cult is real.

Neonridr116d ago

I think the cult that are out to somehow change everyone's minds about this game is even more real. So many butthurt people out there because the media genuinely likes this game.

Move on, your life can't be that shallow.

Dixiedevil115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

It was the only Zelda game I didn’t finish...and I played them all. I could have dealt with the issues you brought up but after about 40 hours, it was the breaking weapons that made me quit.

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ProLogY116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Absolutely. Easily frankly. Playing through Breath of the Wild now just feels like there's endless unexplored potential. More Dungeons. More Side quests.. I mean look at the quest where you build a new town? There's no other quest like that in the game, imagine if the were more like that?

Then the side dungeons.. there's only really the one kind, and it's always kind of the same. You go down an elevator, you get to a big blue area, solve a puzzle, some old creepy guy gives you an orb. Always the same. Imagine if like Skyrim there were caves or temples, unexpected surprises, different rewards.

A crafting system to create and upgrade weapons and armor.

I can just go on and on. There's SO much untapped potential, if they can build on the great foundation I think a sequel can easily surpass the original.

As for a new map. I wonder how they are going to approach that. Based on the glimpse in the trailer I'm getting the impression that we will be in the same map, but it may look different after the castle.. explodes? Rises.. whatever was happening there. Also perhaps more unexplored underground sections. I'm not really anticipating a whole new zone, I feel like we are going to revisit existing areas in this. Let's see what happens.

Neonridr116d ago

maybe the underworld perhaps?

Outlawzz116d ago

There's lots of room for improvement. Story wise, combat wise, equipment wise, world building wise, all the wises basically lol

Tigerblud116d ago

I think so. There was still lots to build on. Dungeons and story wise.

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