Saudi Arabia buys more than $3.3 billion shares in EA, Activision, and Take-Two

TSA writes: Some interesting news from the world of finance, the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia has just bought a chunk of Activision, EA, and Take Two. They snapped up 15 million Activision shares, around 3.5% of the company, 7.42 million Electronic Arts shares (2.6%), and 3.97 million Take-Two shares (3.5%).

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sawoosevens764d ago

Damn, I dont like when other countries invest in US entertainment companies because they love to censor our stuff.

S2Killinit764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

Not sure if that will be the case. I hope not. On the other hand, its really good for our economy to have the world invest here instead of say china. I know Saudi Arabia’s regime is not a savory partner but their money is as good as anyone’s.

blacktiger764d ago

they already are, like certain words or flags shouldnt be shown

764d ago
S2Killinit763d ago

Who is “you people?

DarXyde763d ago

Actually, this is pretty awful.

Saudi Arabia is not exactly an open and honest regime. I don't see the motive to acquiring shares from T2 beyond massive profits, but considering the two big war franchises are owned by EA and Activision, you can reasonably expect some propaganda. I fully expect future games dealing with middle eastern conflict to whitewash their atrocities in Yemen. It's not a large share of any of these companies, but I would not be surprised if we see some political leaders going against Saudi Arabia only for these developers to come out and defend Saudi Arabia and influencing gamers who don't know any better.

Not people you want as stakeholders. I think it says a dangerous precedent.

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Elwenil764d ago

It's called Cultural Assimilation. China has been attempting it for about a decade or more.

Minute Man 721763d ago

And what's the Western world up to since WWII??

S2Killinit763d ago

Western world has been guilty of many atrocities, but to equate what China does today to what the West does is a mistake. For instance, we don't have concentration camps to “re-educat” the minority groups that the communist party deems undesirable. At least not yet.

UltraNova763d ago


"Not yet"

You must have missed West's mass manipulation (re-educat) via social media (political, social, economic, and epidemiological fearmongering )... We do have them, they are just camouflaged.

S2Killinit763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

I dont disagree with that. But to equate facebook with concentration camps is not ok. I mean im sure you would prefer to be subjected to facebook than have your family go through China’s re-education camps. Am I wrong here?

And “epidemiological fear mongering” part; that’s just not fair. Covid came from China. And yet Chinese propaganda was blaming the U.S.

Minute Man 721762d ago


Overthrowing Governments and installing dictators is just as bad as what China does, funding terrorism worldwide. We did have camps for Italian and Japanese Americans in WWII, they were stripped of their rights and property

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bouzebbal764d ago

But you have no problem your army invaded other countries steals their resources kills women children in the name of democracy?? What a dumb post you came up with right there.. you are the kings of censorship, shutting anything not in your interest.. like this post for example..

enkiduxiv764d ago

@bouzebbal Aren't you being a bit unfair here. I mean I kinda doubt S2Killinit is Dick Cheney. He has no say in what his government does. As an American with absolutely no influence on anyone myself, I can honestly say I don't approve of cultural assimilation when my government does it or when anyone else's does it either.

Also, let's be honest, just about every government that can be shitty on the world stage will be, so get off your high horse. Unless of course you are from Canada or Finland, in which case I suppose you think we should all bow down to you for you having the completely random luck of being born in a place that's not terrible.

764d ago
Minute Man 721763d ago


They do have a say but are too busy getting entertained while the "media" tells them whom to vote for

frostypants763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

@bouzebbal, where did they say they were OK with those things? What a stupid post.

RedDevils763d ago

This is gaming site, fuck politic.

S2Killinit760d ago (Edited 760d ago )

Im not ok with any of those things but to equate an ideological regime to a democracy is a mistake. I will delve into it if you want but it would be a very lengthy comment. Lastly, if you are going to judge a whole nation, lets not forget that the U.S. is also the largest donator to charities. In fact the U.S. gives more aid than the entire world combined, and I’m excluding military aid such as our government gives to Israel or Saudi Arabia, Im talking about actual humanitarian aid.

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annoyedgamer763d ago

Everything is already censored here. Suadi Arabia cant be any worse than what EA already does to the industry.

bujasem_89763d ago

You'd be surprised at how open minded the biggest cities of Saudi has become.

Starman69763d ago

Taking gaming to parts of the world that are still left untapped??

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GreenDragonCVR764d ago

Where's that crowd that boycotts stuff cuz Chinese money? Wonder if this is cool with them or what the hierarchy of nefarious investors looks like.

BlackTar187764d ago

China is horrible. They violate human rights, they terrorize their citzens and are hostile to everyone.

Fuck china

neutralgamer1992764d ago

While I totally agree with you I am a Muslim maybe look up how bad Saudi Arabia really is too. Did you not see or hear how they killed that Washington Post reporter and then they were not even human enough to let his family have the body instead they put his body through chemicals to where nothing was left. did you not see how the ex-president said he will not take any action because of money that they get from Saudi Arabia business wise. trust me I agree with you China someone has to get hold of them and they're getting out of control but these countries in middle East have so much money and they're worse than communism because even if you say one wrong word about them you and your family would disappear

Saudi Arabia prince ordered bombing of a school bus that killed 50 kids all of them Wonder five years old if I am not wrong

BlackTar187764d ago

Hi neutral

I agree with what you said.

46player764d ago

Yes, it’s awful and we are headed straight down that path. Bought and paid for by your favorites China and the ME.

Saaleh764d ago (Edited 764d ago )

As a muslim, i agree with neutral. (China/Saudia/Israel/USA..etc) don't have any interest in human rights or even developing their own countries. All they care about is their pockets and dominating ( for different reasons ). The devil probably is using them all. Even if i was an atheist i would still feel like there are crazy personalities taking advantage of these fools.

Mikeyy763d ago (Edited 763d ago )


Not defending anyone here but just wanted to point out that Khashoggi wasn't murdered because he was a journalist, he was also a spy. And aligned with hezbolla and the Muslim brotherhood.

These groups slaughtered eachother for years and nobody gave a shit, but one "journalist " dies and it's a big deal...

Let's be real, the media cranked up this story because the crown prince is a friend of Trump. Had Hillary been in office, this story would have been buried.

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phoenixwing764d ago

Right here. I'm just as disgusted with saudi arabia investments I'll limit who I buy from if I can and it's a good thing I like japanese jrpgs more than western ones

Outlawzz764d ago

Saudi arabia investing in some of the most greedy corporations in gaming. Gee, wt a coincidence.

Starman69763d ago

Their oil must be running out lol 🤣🤣

StarLink764d ago

They bought shares but do they have a say in what happens in a game or a say in anything relating to the company?

763d ago
Hitman007764d ago

Next up will be Video company sells Grandmother for bonus checks ugggg like really lets take money from Dictatorships now ehhh what a joke never will support these scumbag practices

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