Six Days in Fallujah – War games are all political and ignoring that is a dereliction of duty

TSA writes: Having been effectively cancelled under a cloud of controversy and public pushback in 2010, the recent re-announcement of Six Days in Fallujah has revived the various talking points that surrounded the real-world military shooter. Yet, despite being set in the midsts of the Second Iraq War, and the ripples of America and Britain’s decision to invade and depose Saddam Hussain still being felt throughout the Middle East to this day, Peter Tamte, the CEO of publisher Victura, asserts through interviews with Polygon and that the game is “not trying to make a political commentary.”

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NecrumOddBoy56d ago

I thought this game was about the unit’s struggle through a tough battle and the stories of brotherhood and courage. Where is the political slant coming from? The game has politics in it but was also t trying to push an agenda? I never thought that. This isn’t Congress Simulator.

Yui_Suzumiya56d ago

I remember when this got canceled all those years ago. Surprised it got resurrected!

DJStotty55d ago

As long as the game is factual, and is apparently told by the people that were actually there, what is the issue?

It is just the same as grabbing a history book and reading about the stories of the 1st/2nd world wars. We can read about the Iraq war, so is that not the same thing?

TheLigX55d ago

The problem is that if the atrocities are not in the game, then it is propaganda.

DJStotty55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Most war based games are propaganda, western games always have either the russians or nazi's as the enemy lol.

If it is not factual, then it is just fiction, in which case again, that will put it into the category of all computer games.