Stan LePard Passes away

Maclaine Diemer:

I'm deeply saddened to say that last week, my friend and colleague
@stanlepard passed away unexpectedly. Knowing him helped shape and change the course of my life and my music. He was a big part of my work for
@GuildWars2, in addition to his own musical contributions to the game.

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Jin_Sakai61d ago

I away hate seeing these articles. May he RIP.

darthv7260d ago

His musical score will live on. Love his orchestral stuff in ODST, Reach, Crimson Skies and many more.

spicelicka59d ago

RIP sir, your music will live on.

TheColbertinator59d ago

Very sad news. I've always felt great soundtracks to be an integral part of a great series so I'm glad his works will be in memorable games.

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