Is Xbox Game Pass too good to be true?

From Eurogamer: "Video game subscriptions are all the rage. Or, maybe that's not quite right. It looks like video game subscriptions will be all the rage, in the not too distant future, if things carry on in the direction they're going right now.

Right now, of course, people are getting their games in more or less the same ways they always have - buying them outright, or downloading them as initially free-to-play - but right now, too, the biggest tech companies around are toying with their own, subscription-based alternatives. Google has Stadia Pro, Amazon is rolling out Luna (alongside Prime Gaming, formerly Twitch Prime), Apple has Apple Arcade, and more internally to the industry itself there are plenty more, from EA Play and Ubisoft+ to PlayStation Now and, sitting atop the monthly payment pyramid above all, Xbox Game Pass."

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kneon64d ago

It's sustainable just as long as you don't want too many new AAA games.

Rocosaurus64d ago

Nonsense, there are plenty of tipple A games on GP, and more are added all the time.

Notellin63d ago

Dumb comment. Loads of AAA titles.

kneon61d ago

It seems you and many others have reading comprehension issues. The question is about SUSTAINABILITY. Not about what they have done so far but whether they can continue as they have, or even improve.

At the beginning they have to throw in more games to get people interested. But in the long term will it provide more revenue than had they released most or all of their AAA games at full retail first? I don't think so, not unless they can make some massive gains in subscriber numbers, or jack up the price.

Or maybe they just don't believe that they have enough games that would do numbers like Sony's big 10million+ releases, in which case maybe their approach is better for them.

Notellin61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@Kneon The problem with reading comprehension is your own. Every subscription service starts this way and has a growth period.

Just because you have no education or understanding of the business model doesn't mean you're smarter than anyone else.

They grew gamepass 50% in 6 months and have 18 million subscribers. I think it's doing fine.

Plenty of media and gaming subscription models are doing more than fine and are in fact the biggest players in their industries. Spotify, Netflix, and Apple Arcade are doing pretty well, have you ever heard of those companies before?

And now we're just going to pretend that the millions of PC and Xbox gamers who don't sub to Gamepass will stop buying games completely?

Gamepass is a way to get people into the Xbox ecosystem.

But go back to your fanboy nonsense you won't be able to argue effectively regardless.

BattleCat64d ago

The week of gamepass praising again? Maybe get a real life eurogamer & Co.)

SpineSaw64d ago

It's Microsoft's way of getting people to talk about Xbox and since they can't buy a studio to make a decent game it's their only option and based on lack of comments to this article here it's not working.

Orchard64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Bethesda make decent games - no?

Also clearly game pass is not a marketing stunt to get people talking about Xbox - it’s a real subscription model product like Netflix with great value for gamers.

Don’t be a salty fanboy ;) 🧂🧂

SpineSaw64d ago

Sure Bethesda has made a decent game or 2 through the years but it's been years since the last one was released. So I guess we should "wait till E3 2021" or is "wait till E3 2022"? I guess we need for Microsoft to tell us when Xbox First Party will release their next decent game or what they hope will be decent.... Microsoft track record says it'll be years before they release a decent game but we'll see.... Hope for the best!

Orchard64d ago

“ Sure Bethesda has made a decent game or 2 through the years but it's been years since the last one was released”

Facts don’t fit your fanboy narrative though. Doom Eternal is an 88 metacritic game launched under a year ago.

SpineSaw64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

"Facts don’t fit your fanboy narrative though. Doom Eternal is an 88 metacritic game launched under a year ago.

"WOW! You got me there win I suck!....
Oh wait, wait! you bring up a metacritic score (lol) as if it means a thing. Man I sure hate to point it out that, that 88 MC scores means nothing. Lets see what Xbox gamers have got say about what that 88 MC does mean on the top 50 most played games on Xbox for Doom Eternal. An 88 must be top 10. No?
checking..... checking.....
Well now according to Microsoft Xbox gamers don't think to highly of the game that you brought up Doom Eternal that was released you say less than a year ago. Doom Eternal can't crack the top 50 of most played games on Xbox! More gamers are playing some dumb game called Brawlhalla, more Xbox gamers are playing Call of Duty Black Ops 3 a tired old game that released 6yrs ago than that decent game Doom Eternal that scored a 88 MC (lol). So " facts" fit my narrative very well and my facts are brought to you by go check it out.
So I'll end with what Microsoft always tell us...... "With till E3, you just wait till E3"...... hope for the best!

Notellin63d ago

Terrible and flawed argument. Glad you got destroyed below. Fanboys don't need to be commenting.

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kenmid64d ago

A gaming website talking about gaming😬 so they need to get a life?

Orchard64d ago

Imagine a gaming website talking about games - the horror 😱

alb189964d ago

It is too good to be true.

CYALTR64d ago

A very well thought out article that addresses many of the concerns people have about the sustainability of Gamepass with actual facts. A very good read

buffig64d ago

The only problem with the article is that they only interview developers and publishers who are active on Gamepass? Have developers who don't have games as part of the subscription noticed less spending on their games as peoples spending habits change?

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