What is Valheim? Why Are So Many People Playing It?

Xfire writes "Every so often, a game comes out of nowhere, and becomes a huge hit for one reason or another. This 2021, one such game is Valheim."

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isarai53d ago

It streamlines a ton of the unnecessary monotony other survival games have.

DaleCooper52d ago

That's good to know. I guess I'll have to try this game out!

Magatsuhi52d ago

You won't regret it, I never really liked survival games and I got addicted to this one.

JustTheFax52d ago

Bought it last night, haven't played it yet though. Waiting to jump in with my gaming friends :D

Lionsguard52d ago

I bought it to support it because it looks good but I'm probably not going to play too deep into it just yet until it launches officially. I'm not a fan of playing early access games too deeply.

CaptainHenry91652d ago

I saw it on Steam early access. Didn't bother to check it out but maybe I will now

Silly gameAr52d ago

Because it's popular on Twitch.

anast52d ago

No even close. The opposite actually.

PixelOmen52d ago

Huh? It's currently in the Top 10.

anast52d ago

Its rise to popularity started with gamers, then bled over to "twitch", which is the opposite of "twitch" making a game popular. This game is popular based on actual merit, not trend.

cartoonx152d ago

that's not the only reason.

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