Ratchet & Clank for PS4 Lost Sight of What Makes the Series Special

Insomniac Games' Ratchet & Clank on PlayStation 4 (PS4) is an odd duck; it's a remake but not really and too attached to the feature film.

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lifeisgamesok715d ago

I loved it and it is still so beautiful

GottaBjimmyb715d ago

I didn't read the article, and never played the original, but the remake is one of my favorite games, not even just on PS4. So if it is such a departure, I am left to assume it was all beneficial at least to me.

715d ago
Amplitude715d ago (Edited 715d ago )

They're both amazing!!!

I had never played the original RaC until about a month ago. I'm running through every game and spinoff during covid lol. The first one was... WELL,

The ps4 version played SO much better and included all the basic features that every other Ratchet game has, and the weapons were better, menu was better, voice acting was better I could go on forever but basically the gameplay was top notce but I do think they hurt the story quite a bit - even ruining the canon of the story in a couple instances with their changes and simultaneously changing both character's origin stories. That's just not something you should do to a long running series, but I get it - they had to make a family friendly movie.

The first game on ps2 (or the collection on ps3) is objectively worst from a gameplay standpoint, but the story is much much much better with a ton more content and even planets. But there's no strafing (WHY? SO annoying lol), weapon upgrades, armour, you need to pause the game to pick weapons/gadgets since you only have one page of weapon wheel items, ...god I could go on forever on clunky features. Without being blinded by nostalgia, I think overall if I wanted to play the first Ratchet game in the series I would pick the ps4 game.

Anyway in my unbiased opinion they're both super good for different reasons lol

Rant over

Positivelypositive 715d ago

I can say that I feel like the movie tie in and making it a new origin story really hurt my enjoyment. I also felt like the platforming from the ps3 entries was vastly superior to PS4 in every way. It was like the thing tried to go back in time but that was a bad mov(i)e.

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Hellcat2020715d ago

It was much better than the two R&C titles before it

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isarai715d ago (Edited 715d ago )

It was literally marketed as "The game, based on the movie, based on the game" it met that expectation perfectly. I don't think they were trying to go all out with that entry what with Spider-man likely in ptoduction at the time. Still thought it was great personally

neutralgamer1992715d ago

So much fun love it. Some gamers are just here to hate and can't accept any changes. It's was $40 bucks and quality remake

BigTrain715d ago

Exactly. A Ratchet and Clank game is a Ratchett and Clank game.

neutralgamer1992715d ago

End of the day game was and still is so much fun to play but some fans can't let go of the past lore to truly enjoy it

TakeTori715d ago

Some (most gamers, actually) just can't handle valid criticism of games that they love. If one of their favourite games are ever criticised, it's as if the critic hates video games in general. Maybe you should actually try and listen to the things people are criticising about the game. Ratchet and Clank for PS4 isn't bad because it's new, and we don't dislike it because we can't handle new things, but because it has real problems.

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The story is too old to be commented.