Every Single JRPG Should Have a 3x Speed Option

Quality-of-life improvements have brought 3x speed option and the like to JRPGs, and now the JRPG must never go back again.

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phoenixwing52d ago

I think to push the visuals they have a hard enough time without speeding it up 3x

Antnee53452d ago

Actually it should be 10× speed

TheColbertinator51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Speedruns will be faster than brewing my morning coffee.

VersusDMC52d ago

Any old school jrpg with random encounters definitely needs a 5x speed option. I cut 20 hours off my FF8 remaster playthrough with it.

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armjoe47d ago

One of the reason I prefer to play on emulator