Assassin’s Creed Is The X-Files of Video Games, and It Needs to Stop

Assassin's Creed is going nowhere with its framing of the Animus, Assassins, and Templars, like The X-Files with its alien conspiracy.

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sourOG714d ago

Assassins creed without Aleister Crowley conspiracy theories isn’t Assassins Creed.

lucian229714d ago

It's a game series thay simply does a take on a particular time period.... That's all. I don't see the harm. Skip it if not nterested

Tacoboto714d ago

And Valhalla has become their best-selling game in the franchise.

Urrakia34714d ago

That is the basis for Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla. But as somebody who has played the AC series from the beginning, the first and second games setup a very intriguing plot (at least for me) that was derailed with every successive release seemingly because the devs/writers had no idea where to take the story.

Once Origins released, I was fully convinced that they are no longer interested in continuing the overarching plot in the series. Assassin's Creed has essentially become a simple history simulator as opposed to a sci-fi series that actually gave context as to WHY you're visiting specific places and times and what the end goal was.

That being said, I don't think the latest releases are bad or anything. However, they've definitely given up on telling a compelling and interconnected narrative which is what basically got me hooked on the series in the first place, especially considering how bland and repetitive AC1's gameplay was. I don't hate the latest entries but at the same time I've reluctantly (because of my love for AC) concluded that this series is no longer for me, and that's alright but also deeply disappointing personally.

DothrakiSea714d ago

I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I used to love hopping back into the real world and digging into the Modern Day/Sci-Fi aspects. Now I dread that part of it and I really don't even try to follow the "Order" aspects of the game. (Probably why I like Valhalla so much, since ignoring it is kinda how your player wants it)

I have thoroughly enjoyed Valhalla, but it doesn't even get close to scratching the itch the original games gave me. I would like a big time Author/Studio to pick up the threads of the Originals and make it into a Series of Books or TV Shows. It's a huge bummer that the potential of it was wasted when they saw the appeal of an EA like release schedule.

FYouDad714d ago

The original story went south when they let Patrice Desilets go after AC Brotherhood. I believe it had been his intention to run with a trilogy and finish in part 3 with Desmond becoming the best modern day assassin and the main character of AC3. Ubisoft had other ideas and padded things out with 2 more Ezio titles and after releasing Patrice it's clear they themselves actually had no real idea of how to finish Desmond's story. Well they finished it.. just poorly imo.

I played a few more titles but after Unity I just gave up on the series because it's like so many other titles out there where the brand and marketing falls in line with expectations but the games themselves are completely different under the hood and its evident the minds behind them have broken away from what the material was originally set up to be. Doesn't always spell disaster when it happens but in a case like this they may as well just rename the series something else since its strayed so far off the core mythology.

lovemetal626714d ago

Assassin's creed is not even assassin's creed anymore. After the desmond story, nothing made sense anymore. Instead of writing the story and making the game around the story, they now just pick a time period and half a$$ a story around the time period they chose.

neutralgamer1992714d ago

And don't forget the grind and xp boosters

ajax17713d ago

Black flag was great and it didn't need Desmond. After that things got ridiculous

Snookies12713d ago

Agreed, Black Flag was the last one I played through. Unity was fun too, but they lost their sense of direction after those.

TheProfessional713d ago

Assassin's Creed Rogue also had a great story and was one of the last Assassin's Creed games that felt like the first three. I never even finished revelations.

EverydayJoe714d ago

I haven't played an ass crud game since Black Flag. Went out on a high note and I ain't looking back.

lucian229714d ago

Black flag was awful lol. It got fun by origins again once combat changed.


Black Flag and Rogue are among the best open world action games of all time IMO. That's where the series peaked.

Atom666714d ago

Wait until the author finds out Kingdom Hearts is still a thing.

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