Deeko : Shaun White Snowboarding Review

Paul Mcfaden writes "It used to seem like every year there was a new, fresh snowboarding game for gamers to get their hands on. There was the Cool Boarders series and the ESPN games inspired from the X-Games. As the next generation came about we saw the emergence of Amped and the SSX series. Both of these series really nailed what everyone wanted from a snowboarding game: absurd speed and insane tricks all at the flick of the joystick and press of a button. Players will find a cheesy grin permanently stuck on their faces. The Wii is the only next-gen platform to see a decent snowboarding game from the SSX series and letâ€s face it; Amped 3 on the Xbox 360 was a major let down. There was a lot of excitement when Shaun White Snowboarding was announced. I even dusted off my SSX 3 to get a few runs in to level out my enthusiasm for a potentially great game. Now the game has arrived and I wish they would take it back."

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