Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop - Gameplay trailer

Cacpom published a new Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop gameplay trailer. enjoy.

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TheColbertinator3697d ago

I think I'm going to enjoy the Wii version more than the 360 version

ChickeyCantor3697d ago

Capcom did say 100+ zombies...but...I guess it is going to be a fun game anyway.

TheColbertinator3697d ago

I just want Dead Rising to be a bit more fun and original.I got seriously bored of the repetition in the 360 version.Maybe with less zombies and use of the Wii-motes I might enjoy it more than the 360 version.

ChickeyCantor3697d ago

Yeah true, but still it was fun to drive over tons of zombies XD

diefor3697d ago

I agree with you. The lack of games like this on Wii, problably will make sucess.

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Smacktard3697d ago

I don't see how this game is gonna be any fun at all. Dead Rising was fun because of its massive amounts of zombies on-screen. If you remove the zombies from a game that's fun because of all of the zombies, you're just left with a game! It should just be called Resident Evil: Cartoony Mall Edition. Yes I know Capcom claims there will be 100 zombies on-screen at the same time, but... well, to be honest, I don't believe a word of it.

There is that one point in that video with a bunch of zombies on-screen, but... well, they're all standing still in the exact same spot, making the same movements. Whoah, lookin' great.

ChickeyCantor3696d ago

There is no point for Capcom to be lying.
IF they claim 100+ zombies and are lying about it they will shoot themselves in the foot. The truth will come out anyway...and it's just nonsensical to be lying about something like that.
I don't think Capcom wants to break down this game what actually made the original fun...the Zombies.

Just wondering, aren't these screens/videos from the beginning of the game? Maybe later in the game there will be more zombies?

PS360WII3697d ago

Not bad really. It does look better than when it first was announced and I'm sure the aiming will be awesome ^^ I'm sure it'll be fun in it's own right and I'll probably check it out.