Starbreeze Is 'Much Stronger' Than a Year Ago, Wants to Return as an Industry Leader with PAYDAY 3

Starbreeze acting CEO Tobias Sjögren announced that the company is much stronger than it was a year ago and it aims to come back as a leader with PAYDAY 3.

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porkChop457d ago

How about you return with Chronicles of Riddick 3 instead?

isarai456d ago

I really miss their style of FPS like Darkness and Chronicles of Riddick. Wish they'd make another in that vein

Sonic-and-Crash456d ago

when they were industry leaders and i dont remember it ? lol

CrimsonWing69456d ago

Riddick and The Darkness were incredible games. I'm still trying to find immersive games on their level to this day.

Ristul456d ago

I loved the Darkness, I wish Starbreeze would go back to that game at some point.

StoneyYoshi456d ago

I believe 2K owns the IP considering they didn't make the sequel so the odds are slim sadly on top of the fact that the sequel didn't sell very well and the art style and tone was completely different.

Stanjara456d ago

Industry leader? When was that?

TheDude79456d ago

I never played any of their games and thought “Ayooooo, these cats are industry leaders for sure!”

Don’t get me wrong, the Payday games were fun but those controls never felt great or even good.

phoenixwing456d ago

Riddick and the darkness are their claim to fame for me. Payday looked forgettable

CrimsonWing69456d ago

Riddick was a rare instance of a licensed game being better than the source material. Also, Darkness is one the most unique first person games I played at the time.

I think there’s a bit more to them than Payday.

Activemessiah456d ago

they milked the shit out of Payday 2

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