Prince of Persia GameStop Pre-Order "Costume Unlock" Code

Our Limited Edition copy of Ubisoft's Prince of Persia just came in from GameStop and other than a special outer shell (the inside case is the exact same as it's normal edition counterpart) it included a special "costume unlock" code. Incase you forgot to pre-order we have decided to post the code for everyone to use (save money, we're in a recession), have fun because it's one hell of a great game! Stay tuned for our full, detailed review soon!

Click the jump to see the full unlock code for free!

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UltimaEnder3695d ago

I actually like the "sands of time" costume better than the normal one!

Caspel3695d ago

no way, the Sands of Time costume is uggggly

MegaMohsi3695d ago

The LE costs the same as the regular edition, unless you have to pay for the extra costumes?

UltimaEnder3695d ago

You only get the costume codes with the GameStop pre-order edition, the LE is the same price as the regular but no codes!

Embryonic_Bloom3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Hey, I actually just made an account
to post this one thing.. so here goes!!

Thanks a lot for posting this!

I neglected to pre-order this game,
and it didn't bother me AT ALL...

Until later that night,
when I remembered that the guy checking me out
said only one person pre-ordered this game on PS3,
and he showed me a copy of one of them...

( I would assume that person already picked up their copy,
but maybe not.. I'll never know!! but otherwise )

Gamestop employees are usually pretty cool about hooking up fellow gamers!
So I was kind of disappointed that they didn't even offer it to me or anything,
since I bought the special edition guide for $30
and I'v pre-ordered plenty of other titles from that same store.

It was just kinda like
" what you'd like this? huh.. oh well... " lol

I barely thought to search online for the code,
until I found a place to enter it.

So thanks for easing my burden!!
Especially only a few days after the game's release!

So I thought I'd try and repay the favor by sharing that:

I'm on PS3, and the code even worked for me!!
Funny coincidence that both consoles share the same code, eh?