Looking back to 2001 and the Old-Fashioned JRPG Love Letter Final Fantasy IX

Richard writes: "Getting in there before American and Asian gamers complain about the date, for this latest retrospective piece we are going on the initial European release date for Final Fantasy IX, which is the 16th February 2001. That’s right, 20 years ago; a time where European gamers had to wait an extra seven months longer for one of the best Final Fantasy games."

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FallenAngel1984293d ago

Using that European date got me to think about something.

20 years ago big name JRPG franchises such as Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tales of, & Shin Megami Tensei all had staggered release dates between their Japanese release and western release.

20 years later most of those series have moved onto worldwide releases. Everything except for Shin Megami Tensei and its spin-off Persona which STILL take an exceedingly long time to localize its games.

Gardenia292d ago

I still remember buying this gem. Can't believe it is already 20 years ago.

phoenixwing293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Couldn't get into ff9 because I don't like relying on the steal command in my jrpgs. Random steal success is annoying. It's the same reason I didn't like using cait sith in 7

Snookies12293d ago

Wait, whaa-? How are you not into a game because you don't like one mechanic? You know you don't HAVE to use the steal command, right?

phoenixwing293d ago

You do if you want good weapons and items

nommers293d ago

I would say that's one of the reasons the boss battles are more urgent in that game. It's not a negative as you don't absolutely have to steal any of the items; it makes it more appealing to steal from them though if you want to have an easier time with future boss battles or take on the sidequests though. It's not like you won't have access to the vast majority of items you can steal from bosses later.

andy85293d ago

That's not true really. Only 2 of the best 15 weapons are acquired by stealing from enemies

CrimsonWing69292d ago

I thought the steal materia was how you stole in FF7? I don’t remember Cait Sith having a steal mechanic exclusively.

phoenixwing292d ago

no i'm talking about his damage being randomized for cait sith

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andy85293d ago

Amazing game. And I've still not managed to do the 1000 skips legitimately 😫

CrimsonWing69292d ago

Omg, tell me about it, man. I couldn’t do it and I couldn’t get that Automator to work, either.

NapalmSanctuary291d ago

Ive watched my buddy do it a few times. You couldn't pay me to try.

instantstupor292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

It's kind of funny, I seem to like all the least-liked FFs the most lol. VIII, X-2 and XII. At least opinion turned on the latter recently, but not much on the former two. X-2's story was eh, but I really enjoyed the battle system.

I didn't get into JRPGs until right around the PS2 era. A friend gave me FFVIII to try because he received it as a gift but didn't like it. I really enjoyed it and then got FFX when I got my PS2. Bought VII to try after X because of how much everyone crowed over how great it was, and I just...didn't like it. Also tried FFIX several years later - and even recently on PC via GP - but still not my cup of tea. I think after going to PS2, it was harder to go back and appreciate the older ones. VIII at least gets carried by nostalgia for me - though I do want to smack Squall more now than I did back then lol.

Silly Mammo292d ago

I've been playing in on my phone. I originally bought in on the PS2 bu t for some reason never finished it.

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