Far Cry 2 Patch Arrives Next Week

SnagWire: A post from representative Ubi_Marc on Far Cry 2's official German forums has confirmed that a patch for the PC version of the title will be arriving sometime next week...

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kittoo3702d ago

Now I hope I can resume playing the game again as I am stuck on the famous 'cant enter the bar to take mission' bug.

mrkeith3702d ago

Allow player to select display mode for Widescreen view in the display options
Improve server list with filter options (ping, punkbuster, server name, maps, game mode, dedicated server…)

Allow match search from the maps leaderboard
Add minimum players setting in host options
Order scoreboard by point
Add an option to set respawn time for the host
Show VIP on scoreboard
Allow PC user to use Clan tag
IP display in the lobby server

Add new functions to dedicated server
Allow the same server to host more than one game at a time

You can expect the next patch to be deployed within the next couple of weeks. We will also update you shortly on what’s coming next for the consoles versions of the game.