Xbox 360 And PS3 Continuing To Battle Over Television Programs

It was bound to happen sooner or later, as the PSN and Xbox Live services have been gearing up to offer more digital content. According to recent reports by a research and marketing firm, the Xbox 360 and PlayStatinon 3 are already in the process of battling for more PayTV Operators. Which means you could be viewing more television programs, more frequently on your game consoles.

"The launch of Microsoft's Experience and the Xbox LIVE Netflix streaming video service is a perfect example of how potent these services will soon become," notes Michael Greeson, president and co-author of this new report. "There is little doubt these services are finally ready for primetime."

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chasuk083701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

What idiot will pay money for a tv show thats most likely on TV every night, or buy 1 episode when you can get the whole series on dvd for £15.

Personally i will never download movies. I prefer to own a physical disc, and have a real world collection. Plus it saves hard drive space and usually is better quality.

However i dont object to rentals, as you wont be keeping it anyway, but keeping films doesnt make any sense when your paying the same price for the DVD version.

3gb+ of hardrive space or 1 blu ray. Blu ray please.

Plus I never heard of the "PlayStatinon 3".

ShinMaster3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I can stream TV shows on my PS3 for free thanks to the internet browser.

Besides, whatever happened to the simple fact that they're gaming consoles first.
And also, the Netflix service in 360 lacks a lot of movies, including all "Sony Pictures/Columbia" movies, for obvious reasons.

thebudgetgamer3701d ago

we just want a video game machine some people said and now its yea but we got netflix