Why video gaming is set to become Poland's national cultural brand

Poland has long been a cultural powerhouse. Today, however, the country's most valuable cultural export is a most
contemporary phenomenon: video games.

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BandarHub58d ago

CD red
4A games
Blobber Team

Great studios. And what I like about them is how the imbued their games with their culture.

BlackIceJoe57d ago

I know they are lesser known, but I really hope Reality Pump is doing well, because they were working on the next game in the Two Worlds series, but last I heard many left to work at CD Project Red. So I hope this Polish studio is doing alright and will be successful, because the world need more game studios and for them to find success too.

dolfa56d ago

How about abortions and fanatical church? Yea lets give them the gaming branding...