Sea of Thieves is more rewarding to play than ever in 2021

From Windows Central: "When Rare's pirate sandbox title Sea of Thieves dropped in early 2018, it was met with immediate criticism for its lack of content. While many players fell in love with the beautiful world this team created, there objectively just wasn't a lot to do. Thankfully, about three years later this definitely isn't the case. Whether you're new to the game or a returning pirate legend, here's why you should play Sea of Thieves in 2021 as one of the best Xbox games available."

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Alexious59d ago

I found it as boring as ever.

CaptainHenry91658d ago

When I found out the Kraken didn't have a body under the water, I've moved on.

beanplant59d ago

With the right people it's fun. Also the soundtrack is really good

SpineSaw58d ago

I tried this last summer with a couple friends..... It did nothing for me and I've not gone back and very unlikely I ever will.