Retrospective: The American Arcade (Part Two)

GameCyte takes another look back at the old days of the American video arcade, and leads readers through fonder times of the dark, smoky, greasy halls of gaming. Today's look back at the disappearing American arcade focuses on one such location: the "destination" arcade, a special place one could only visit on rare occasion -- which, to a young gamer, made it that much more exciting.

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mariethebee3697d ago

An excellent article, Jesse! I am filled with nostalgia and yearning. :(

One time my brothers and I spent Christmas Eve in a 24-hour arcaded in Los Angeles.

GameCyteSean3697d ago

Where Santana Row once stood there was a complex named Town and Country Village, and in this complex was an establishment the size of your average bowling alley... dedicated entirely to arcade games. That was my 'once a year' spot -- I think I went twice in all -- and it had a ridiculous collection of amazing stuff.

From original Tempest, Battlezone and Asteroids machines to Star Wars pinball and a networked, 16-something-player shooter on the second story (plus laser tag and minigolf, if I recall correctly) it was a sight to see.

Then they closed and sold off all the machines as cheap as they could. That was a sad day.

Anyone from the CA Bay Area know what it was called?