Bowser's Fury Should Be A Template For Future Nintendo Projects

From Kotaku: "I played Bowser’s Fury this weekend. I’d intended to save it until I’d finished my first run through the Switch’s remake of Super Mario 3D World, having—like most humans—never owned a Wii U. But boy did I get bored of that quickly. And there was Bowser, just waiting on the launch screen, tempting me with his tarry glare. Turns out, this is what I’d love to see Nintendo do a lot more of.

Clearly there’s a lot that everyone wants Nintendo to do more of. Like MORE METROID PLEASE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. But what this bite-sized 3D platformer shows is a whole other side of Nintendo they haven’t really revealed before: brevity."

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XxINFERNUSxX291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

I skipped the Wii U only Nintendo console I didn't buy, I wasn't feeling it. So Super Mario 3D World, on Switch is fresh for me 😁 And I got all the 15 Nintendo missions so now I can wait for a code on Feb 17th for the 2nd Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Pin set. I have the first one. 🙃

mikeslemonade291d ago

Disspointed they took out Mario’s tripple jump package and somersault. Should deduct 2 points straight up for that.

CrimsonWing69291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

what, just port over every Wii U game to the Switch? Then port over every Switch game to the next Nintendo platform? No thanks.

--Onilink--291d ago

Yeah, why would they want to release the game on a console that already has over than 60 million more users than the one it originally released?

I mean, I already played them, so of course there is no reason anyone else should have the option...

It certainly doesnt make any sense for Nintendo financially...

CrimsonWing69291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Oh, I don't know, maybe make a new game? It seems pretty lazy, in my opinion.

I think it'd be cool to play more than 1 new Mario game on a new Nintendo platform instead of old Mario games.

Here's a sound concept: Why not do a single Wii U Mario Collection on a single cart?

Or, you could do what we used to freaking do and buy the old console and the games if you missed out on it. I know, right? Just crazy talk now.

Hellcat2020291d ago

Like the other consoles aren't doing the same thing
It's not just Nintendo

CrimsonWing69291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Whoa, they ain't getting a pass.

It's just a comment that's geared towards this specific story's topic.

All lame practices are equally criticized in their own domain, bud.

Vegamyster291d ago


You're comment that rambles about Wii-U ports has nothing to do with the article which talks about the experimental aspects of Bowsers Fury that they would love to see expanded upon in smaller side games.

Neonridr291d ago

nah, so many people skipped the Wii U. Switch has over 6 times the install base by now.

potatoseal291d ago

I'm personally really glad they are porting over so many of the Wii U games. I never played the Wii U but I know it had some really great games. Now I have the chance to play them on the Switch, and I plan on playing them all on the Switch at some point in the future. Sooner rather than later. If they were not ported, then to me and millions of others, those great games would have been lost in time. They deserved a 2nd life on the Switch.

King_Noctis291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

I’ve got an idea, try reading the article first before come screaming “Ninednto suckz”. You’ll then see what the author wanted to imply.

CrimsonWing69291d ago (Edited 291d ago )


I’ll stick to my questioning of things.

Zhipp291d ago

Your comment makes no sense. Bowser's Fury is brand new content. That's what the article is about.

CrimsonWing69291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

More like a question, my man.

But I guess if you want to go with the new content stuff, I’d probably say why not make a sequel and add that content instead of a port?From what I’ve read that new content is pretty divisive.

So, maybe that makes more sense?

Zhipp291d ago

No, it doesn't make sense. The author of the article didn't like 3D world, so obviously he wouldn't want a sequel. He very specifically wants Nintendo to try more "brief" titles like Bowser's Fury. The new content may be divisive, but he's on the pro-Fury side of that argument. What you're saying would make more sense in context if you were questioning why they didn't release Bowser's Fury as a small standalone title.

CrimsonWing69291d ago

Ok, why not make Bowser’s Fury a stand alone title?

Neonridr291d ago

@CrimsonWing69 - Nintendo wanted to add enough stuff to warrant a double dip. Improved visuals, online multiplayer and a brand new mode is not a simple cash and grab. No doubt they are working on the next 3D Mario and this game didn't get in the way of that. Nintendo has so many teams at their disposal, all working on different titles.

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LightofDarkness291d ago

Bowser's Fury is a very different experience from 3D World, and it wasn't included in the original release. It plays differently, has open world concepts and a different perspective, and only shares the same control scheme as 3D World. It's closer to Odyssey in concept.

Now you can just accept that you're wrong, or continue embarrassing yourself with your "I'm just asking questions, my dude" nonsense.

CrimsonWing69291d ago

Ok why not make a full on sequel with that concept then?

Oops another question, my bad.

LightofDarkness291d ago

So you have no coherent point. You've changed the crux of your argument multiple times (because you didn't really know anything about Bowser's Fury, let's be honest) without any real connection to the point of the article. Congratulations on choosing option B, good luck to ya.

CrimsonWing69290d ago

Not really, my argument was about ports being a constant.

Then it was brought up that the article like the Bowser Fury implementation. I still stand on the side of not being a fan of constant ports even if there's a small edition to it. Which, I then said if it's the new content they like, why not want a brand new game with that content instead of another port?

I'm not sure what's difficult to follow?


If you have a next gen consoles I would sure love to know what next gen games you are playing because I own both next gen and I can tell you the pickings are slim. All companies do this and to be honest if it wasn't for last gen games current (next gen) consoles wouldn't even be needed at this point.

CrimsonWing69290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Sure, PS5 and I have Demon's Souls on it.

It's funny you mention all companies do this. I've been gaming since the NES and sure don't remember straight NES ports to the SNES. I definitely can't remember any straight SNES ports to the N64. Shoot, I really don't remember any straight N64 ports to the Gamecube... I will say I do recall Resident Evils being ported to the Wii, but dang it, I can't think of a ton of first party Cube games coming to the Wii.

Hell, let's go PS1 with this, like remeber um... oh wait--let's go to PS2, remember all those PS1 ports on the PS2, because I sure don't don't. Remember getting to play all those PS2 ports on the PS3? Now, PS4, yea I remember a crap ton of PS3 ports and I rolled my eyes at that.

Nawww, man I think this is a trend that really became prevalent with last-gen.

My whole thing (which I didn't mean for this to get blown out into this big thing) was ports come off lazy. Nintendo has essentially ported a lot of their Wii U titles and for full price. I just think it'd be great if they reverted back to the good ol' days and actually made new games and barely did any ports if any at all. OR if they really wanted to do ports why not a collection of some sort like a Mario All-Stars, but SNES style where it's hella updated visually?

I hear the argument of "What about people who never got to play these games?" and to that I say get the old console and get the classic games. I'm not sure why there's pushback to just having new games on a new console. What's the ratio of first party original releases on the Switch to Wii U ports for the Switch? Why the hell isn't there a new Mario Kart, a new Pikmin, a new DK game, etc?

Also, I don't give any of the other consoles a pass on this, either.

King_Noctis290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

“ Sure, PS5 and I have Demon's Souls on it”

Funny you come screaming about ports, while also happily boasting about Demon Soul which is almost an exact same PS3 game just with different visual.

CrimsonWing69290d ago

Oh hey, bud! How’s it going?

Remakes of a game from 2 generations and before is something I have 0 problems with. Like, Shadow of the Colossus Remake, Crash Remake, Resident Evil Remake, FF7 Remake, all are brilliant to me and feel new even if they’re a 1:1 Remake.

If they truly Remade these Wii U ports with all new assets then yea it’d be enough in my opinion to make it worth checking out. Think Mario All-Stars on the SNES, which incidentally they should have done with the 3D All-Stars game on the Switch and for ffs why wasn’t this included in that? It even says Mario 3D in its title?

But yea, playing through DeS Remake with the tweaked gameplay and massively updated visuals felt like a mix of a new and familiar feeling. If Nintendo put in that work and Remade all the Wii U ports from the ground up I’d give them all a look probably. They’d be different than what I have on the Wii U, so why not?

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blanka4545291d ago

the most awesome game yeah bowser's fury love it!

Teflon02291d ago

Bowsers fury is essentially a more basically Odyssey... I hope they don't keep that bowser keeps appearing thing in future games. That's annoying over time. First few times cool. But let me do what I'm doing. It's definitely not a template to me, stick to the Odyssey or 3D land style. Can make it one big world sure. But that's about it. My fav stages in Odyssey were the smaller ones so I'm not for or against one big world. But that stuff is harder to be creative with and I'd rather split worlds if that's the case