Would A Nintendo Switch Pro Be Redundant?

Every few months Nintendo fans everywhere stir up rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro. However, would such a device even be worth it?

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Neonridr53d ago

I mean I'd get one *shrug*

slavish053d ago

Nintendo isn't doing it. There behavior hasn't indicated they care about .5 upgrade or power at all. I'd be surprised if they do anything before the switch successor is announced.

Sciurus_vulgaris52d ago

Nintendo hasn’t made a console with comparable specs to competing consoles since the GameCube. The Switch doesn’t need powerful specs as it’s a hybrid console.

Inverno52d ago

If anything they've shown already what little interest they have in a .5 upgrade with the "New" 3DS and how quickly the abandoned that idea

Shiken52d ago

I agree, at best it will be a "Switch home" with a performance boost for dynamic 4k or 60 fps. It makes sense because you have the Lite as a dedicated handheld, the regular Switch as a hybrid, then the Switch home for better performance amd tied to a TV. But I doubt even that will come into fruition before a full blown Switch 2 (my guess is 2023-24).

3rd party support is not suffering any more than it ever did, and is actually getting more and more of it. There are plenty of gen 8 games devs could do quick ports of, but the bigger factor is the 3rd party exclusives and timed exclusives. Games like Monster Hunter Rise, Resident Evil Outrage, SMTV, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Disgaea 6 (exclusive in the west), Bravely Second, Bayo 3 etc shows that 3rd parties are not done bringing new experiences as it is either. Not to mention Switch is the go to for most Japanese 3rd parties and indies.

So even without a lot of games the PS5 and XSX get (and lets be real, what is Switch really losing compared to before), Nintendo is in no hurry to push a power upgrade. And they really don't need to be.

Orchard53d ago

I would pick one up for sure. The whole 1080p30 docked 720p30 (or lower) undocked thing is starting to get old.

0rbital7152d ago

nah its still as cool as the day it launched, ya dont buy a switch for power

Orchard52d ago

The games are fun, but I would still happily pay for higher resolution / framerates. That plus we've yet to see how many next-gen games appear on Switch due to the gulf between PS5/Xbox and Switch.

Shiken52d ago


The Switch is not losing any 3rd party games that already were not coming. In fact, if anything it is getting more 3rd party exclusives if 2021's line up is anything to go by. Just look at MH Rise, SMTV, Bayo 3, MH Stories 2, Resident Evil Outrage, etc.

And as far as Japan goes, Switch is the main platform for them over there. Japanese devs outside of the likes of SE and Capcom have never really focused on using the power of these consoles for the most part to begin with.

52d ago
deafdani52d ago

30? Majority of Switch games run at 60.

Outlawzz52d ago

I think me and millions more would like a pro even if all it does is allow games to run more smoothly. I've had my switch since launch 2017 so Ive had plenty of use out of it, it's banged up and ready to be upgraded lol

MetroidFREAK2152d ago (Edited 52d ago )

With more and more graphically intensive games releasing yes it is. Especially if Nintendo wants to keep up the cadence of 3rd party support. I'd buy one

deafdani52d ago

The question is if it's redundant. So you mean to say it isn't... lol

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