Firm makes one billionth mouse

BBC News: A Silicon Valley company has hailed as a major landmark the production of their one billionth computer mouse.

Logitech's description comes at a time when analysts claim the days of the mouse are numbered.

"It's rare in human history that a billionth of anything has been shipped by one company," said Logitech's general manager Rory Dooley.

"Look at any other industry and it has never happened. This is a significant milestone," he told the BBC.

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thor3700d ago

Err... screws?
Loaves of bread?

I swear any of these things have shipped billions upon billons all by the same company.

Anyway I don't see how the days of the mouse are numbered. Unless we're moving to F***ing touch screen. God I hate touch screen. It's just so inaccurate, half the time it doesn't actually recognise your button press... I've tried to operate an iPhone's touch screen but to no avail - I'm always pressing the wrong thing on-screen or it doesn't realise I've pressed anything. Laptop mouse pads are bad enough; what happened to nipples? They were so much better and easier to use. Needless to say the hardware for my mouse pad is disabled and I use a proper mouse.