Elden Ring is Becoming Gaming's Biggest Roller Coaster

Those waiting for any sign that Elden Ring is going to be here in the near future have had their emotions played with more than a few times.

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Kabaneri62d ago

They need to stop announcing games that are so far from release. I'm probably gonna have grey hair by the time the next Elder Scrolls releases.

Godmars29062d ago

Elder Scrolls?

You mean the game you can play on your refrigerator?

mikeslemonade62d ago

This game will be game of this gen, just like how Bloodborne was game of last gen. This is straight facts!

Thunder_G0d_Bane62d ago

I don’t get how people are hyped for this game when they’ve shown you 0 gameplay.

I get that it’s from software and George rr Martin but still no gameplay and you’re super hyped?

Let them actually show you the game first before you jump on the hype train.

Michiel198962d ago

I feel the same. Yes From software made great souls games, yes GRR wrote some amazing books. We dont even know if they are capable of making good open world games and havent seen any gameplay. The prospect of this collab is cool, but apart from that I really dont care that much untill we've seen some gameplay.

STARS62d ago

FromSoft's track record speaks for itself. Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne and Sekiro are all phenomenal games. Lest we forget the ground work they laid for the amazing Demon's Souls Remake. Fans of FromSoft have every right to be hyped for Elden Ring, even with just the little we've seen from the trailer at MS's E3 2019.

SpineSaw62d ago

From Software games are either a Masterpiece or Game of The Year and sometimes both. Word of a new From Software game is like word of a new Lamborghini Its gonna get a lot of attention.

Eamon62d ago

I think idea of a genuine open-world souls-like game developed by FS with world lore by GRRM would excite any serious gamer out there.

enkiduxiv62d ago

It’s just all there is to get hyped about if you are an RPG fan. Pretty much every other studio has fallen on their face when releasing in that genre over the last ten years.

No hype for Bethesda, CDPR, and BioWare because of terrible releases. Square Enix has been mediocre for years. From Software is one of the last studios out there you can just trust. Let’s hope that doesn’t change with this game.

garos8262d ago

im more thrilled about Miyazaki than George RR Martin. let the man work

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BrainSyphoned62d ago

You wanted the George R.R. Martin experience? Well here ya go.

rdgneoz362d ago

Took how long for winter to finally come...

AndrewM62d ago

Dude book is not out...or done.

qalpha62d ago

This comment made me laugh...then i got really depressed.

Magog62d ago

A flat line of no new info is the opposite of a roller coaster.

Vanfernal62d ago

I was thinking the same thing. It has been pretty much radio silence since the reveal.

mastershredder62d ago

Since there has been nothing but nothing reported about it really. Needs momentum and elevation. A level track leading to a wall is not a roller coaster. A ride? Sure.

GreenDragonCVR62d ago

A tram. A trolley. Perhaps a wagon.

Unknown_Gamer579462d ago

As a roller coaster enthusiast, I agree. Like bruh, at least place that wall after a big dive or something. Worst roller coaster ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.