Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury launch 180% bigger than Wii U original | UK Boxed Charts

It's the third biggest Mario platform launch on Switch.

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Jin_Sakai56d ago

Great to hear. All those who didn’t get a WiiU are now getting to enjoy the game on Switch.

Kurt Russell55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Me being one of them. This to me is the best Mario franchise game I have played in a while. I wasn't actually mad for Odyssey or Luigis Mansion 3... I thought I was suffering franchise burnout. I actually forgot I had this pre-ordered so it came to me as a double surprise. 1) It arriving through he post on Friday 2) How bloody good it is.

bouzebbal55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Game is better on wiiu, with gamepad and just better controllers. but if you never played it it's a very good Mario game.. Fury is lame, Bowser appearing every 10min is so redundant and repetitive. Giga bell fight is also extremely repetitive. 3D world is the best!

LM3 for me and for most wiiu owners is the only system seller. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Kurt Russell55d ago

I didn't have a Wii U (or a Wii for that matter), and am going in sight unseen fortunately. I haven't got passed the base game yet to try Fury so can't comment on it.

I am not saying LM3 was bad at all, it just didn't resonate with me as much as I expected it to. I had only played the GC original one and remember enjoying it a lot at the time.

Lmcreach55d ago

The other two games you mentioned are much superior to this game but it’s still fun. Those are fury is pretty cool albeit extremely short and definitely choppy In handheld. Odyssey is by far the best Mario platform game ever made

bouzebbal55d ago


Odyssey is trash.. I got bored because all you are doing is finding moons and there is no intensity in the game. Plus the boss fights are super repetitive.. How many times you are fighting each rabbit?? Exact same boss, not a single addition.
A huge letdown.. Best Mario is Galaxy 2, by faaaaaaaaar

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instantstupor55d ago

Wish they would create a standalone download version of Bowser's Fury for those who already played 3D World on Wii U. I really don't want to pony up $60 to play a minor chunk of new content. They keep on kinda kickin' their Wii U fans for having owned that console lol.

Moonman55d ago

I agree, I already enjoyed the game on Wii U also. Definitely would buy Fury if it was available for download alone. :) That being said, I'm glad it's doing well. I give the game a 9.0/10.

Tacoboto55d ago

There are 6x more Switch owners than Wii U at this point. We're a small breed :/ that probably all bought MK8 again

Zeldafan6455d ago

I've got about 80 games on my Wii U

Outlawzz55d ago

If you had it on wiiu you already played it years ago, sounds like a good enough deal to me lol the extra stuff is just a small chunk

If they were to give you that for download it would be priced with a $40 sticker in usual nintendo fashion.

ZeekQuattro55d ago

The original release didn't even make it to the top 10. This debuts at number 1. Should be another top seller for the Switch with long legs.