Panic Button Explains Low Framerate in DOOM Eternal Cutscenes, Plans to Improve

Panic Button talks about their decision to cap DOOM Eternal's cutscenes at 20FPS. Find out why here and see how they will try to even improve it moving forward.

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MetroidFREAK2158d ago

The game is an impressive piece of engineering. Panic Button truly are incredible with their ports. Hope we do see that improvement though. Would be nice

57d ago
fsfsxii58d ago

imagine if they put that talent into making their own technically impressive game instead of porting to shit machine
they're wasting their talent

Michiel198958d ago

imagine thinking being good at porting games translates well in designing games from scratch, you are wasting your comment.

King_Noctis58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Imagine acting like you know something when you actually know nothing at all.

MetroidFREAK2157d ago

You mentally alright? Everything okay at home?

Terry_B57d ago

Imagine writing good comments instead of shitposting on N4G

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