PlayStation Awards 2008: The PSP games

PSPFanboy: The results are in, and the annual 2008 PlayStation Awards out of Japan is now a wrap. The handing out of awards commemorates successful titles over the past year. It highlight the best of the best and honors titles that have sold more than 500,000 units with a Gold Award, and those which sold over a million with a Platinum Award.

Both Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Phantasy Star Portable have earned for themselves a Gold Award; however, the true star this year is Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. It has earned for itself a double-Platinum Award for being the only title (not only from PSP, but out of the entire PlayStation family) to sell more than two million copies in Japan this year. Congratulations to all the games that have won recognition.

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TheColbertinator3701d ago

Who cares about sales? Quality is all that matters

shadowghost7523701d ago

Unfortunately plenty of fanboys here think that

more sales = quality

TheColbertinator3701d ago

Poor souls.I will pray for them :(

Foxgod3701d ago

theres also a lot of fanboys here who think their preference is quality.

TheColbertinator3701d ago


I have no problem with that.If they like shooters and RPGs and choose to play that,I thinks its just fine.Praising games because of sales on the other hand is pathetic

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