Top 5 most over-hyped Nintendo games

Infendo: "MSNBC has compiled a list of what they believe to be the five most over-hyped video games: Halo 3, Madden, Daikatana, Enter the Matrix, and Pac-Man in that order.

The list got me thinking, "What are the most over-hyped Nintendo games?"

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LokMessier3700d ago

Seriously I did not or would I expect to see something like this coming :p.

Though it's okay for Mario 3 to be over hyped it turned out to be a good game :3 so I don't see what the problem with that one is. You know what screw it most of the games on this list are great in the first place, MSNBC probably shouldn't hit Nintendo, but the gaming industry overall. As I don't think Orcarina of Time was over hyped [was it even hyped back then - that is before the game was even played]. I could understand if they are stating it was hyped before it came out, but most of this 'hype' stems from people who actually PLAYED the game and then remarked that it was the best of the series.

Honestly I don't know what MSNBC is getting at...