GTA IV 'The Amazing Conrad' PC Editor Video - Check out the latest video from Grand Theft Auto IV entitled 'The Amazing Conrad' which is a freakin awesome video put together using the exlusive PC video editor for the game, expect a hell of a lot of GTA IV Machinima when this releases.

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Th3 Chr0nic3697d ago

That was the hugest let down for so called "awesome" video.

Boring and lame,I claim false advertisement of humourous happenings.

skapunkmetalskater3697d ago

lol it didn't contain explosions but it's so well put together and the music is well suited

Th3 Chr0nic3697d ago

how well something is put together doesnt make it "awesome" i was expecting a montage of high quality resoulution pc graphics. but all we got was a speakeasy film produced with cutting edge technology in the year 2008.......misuse of a great tool