God of War on PS5 - Patch 1.35: A Flawless 60fps Upgrade?

Digital Foundry : "Perhaps not flawless... but almost! Tapping into the backwards compatibility features of PlayStation 5, the new 1.35 patch for God of War allows users to run the game flat-out at 60 frames per second. And it is, to put it frankly, epic. So how does the new patch compare to the game running on legacy PlayStation systems... and what about the gold master 1.0 disc code which *already* unlocked the frame-rate? Rich investigates."

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BigBosss127d ago

Game plays incredible smooth on the PS5. I went back to 30fps and I just couldn't and decided to go back to 60fps. I'm so close to that platinum as well :)

SickSinceSix126d ago

Sony should email you a PS4 theme for the Platinum, sadly you can't use it on PS5 though

126d ago
Silly Mammo126d ago

Let's be honest, if Sony had waited to release this as a PS5 launch title, people would have lost their minds about how next generation good it was. Just shows the talent that Santa Monica has to have released it on the PS4.

125d ago
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Einhander1971126d ago

Yes Digital Foundry seem to be Microsoft lovers deep down.

Orchard126d ago

Didn't they rag on Xbox One all the time and talk about how superior PS4 was hardware-wise?

MetalProxy126d ago

Well it was superior so it was hard to argue otherwise. How could you not rag on Xbox for the retarded shit they tried to pull?

Orchard126d ago

Exactly - if they were truly in Microsoft’s pocket they would not have ragged on it that hard - they would’ve found a way to avoid or spin it.

derek126d ago

I started replaying it yesterday on the ps5 for the first time since 2018, buttery smooth. Forgot how good the game/musical score is.

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