Big Download Review: Need for Speed Undercover

Big Download: "Need for Speed Undercover goes back to the Most Wanted formula by combining illegal street racing with pulse pounding police chases. This time, the twist is that you're playing as an undercover agent whose job is to infiltrate an organized crime ring. The only way to get into the inner circle is to improve your reputation as a wheelman and impress people as you work your way up the hierarchy. However, things quickly drive into a wall, and the game becomes too infuriating to play.

It becomes painfully obvious within seconds of loading up the game that this is a quick and dirty port from the console version. There's no access to the main menu to adjust the graphics options until you're already playing the game. Similarly, there's no way to start a Quick Race or multiplayer session without loading up the main campaign first. Another oversight is the lack of rumble feedback support when using an Xbox 360 or similarly equipped controller to play. The full motion cinematic sequences that feature the talent of the actress Maggie Q. come out looking blocky and washed out at high resolutions."

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