ARK: Survival Evolved on M1 Mac: Can it run on Apple Silicon?

Can your M1 Mac run ARK: Survival Evolved? We tested it on our M1 Macs and can confirm Apple Silicon Macs still cannot run ARK: Survival Evolved... Stay tuned for updates!

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SirBruce56d ago

With native software, M2 can be a life changer if it really is up to the plan, with +30% CPU performance, 20% less power requeriments and double GPU performance. But... for now... M1 seems to be only a product for developers who need to practice on new hardware.
Apple can do real magic if the promises are true and their hardware is so much better than Intel, AMD, Samsung, Qualcom and NVIDIA in less than two years.

ricmcgamer56d ago

Yep those are really good points. But even if M1 is just the beginning and barely scratches the surface, it's still miles ahead Intel Macs which could barely run modern games at all. M1 Macs can, not max settings, etc, but to be able to run something like Rust on a M1 MacBook Air is astonishing.

SirBruce55d ago

What's really fun is that Microsoft, Samsung, Qualcomm, NVIDIA and many more are investing now in ARM... not only hardware companies, but also software ones that see their dominance in danger when mobile first gets the seat that Wintel have had till now.
Maybe we all win with a change from x86 to other platforms, sooner than later.