Dino Crisis is Getting a Spiritual Successor Called "Instinction" and It's Releasing 2022

PP: Hashbane Interactive is stepping up to the plate with its spiritual successor called Instinction.

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potatoseal343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Dat look good. Screenshots look awesome too. Hope it makes it to release in 2022. Also make it real survival, like with limited ammo.

341d ago
AspiringProGenji343d ago

More like a Turok’s spiritual successor.

gaffyh342d ago

Yep...but it'd need to be 3rd person top be a Dino Crisis successor. But colour me interested

342d ago
Vits342d ago

But is spiritual sucessor for what Dino Crisis? As every game plays very different than the previous entry. The original is more slow, focus on puzzles and is more atmospheric. The second is much more action packed, lots of woods. And the third is well the third.

I'm all for more games with dinos. But saying that is a spiritual sucessor to Dino Crisis don't mean much. And the few screenshots actually remind me more of the last Turok than any other game.

CrimsonWing69342d ago

I’m sorry, how is this a spiritual successor to Dino Crisis?

monkey602342d ago

Buzz words. They know the community is screaming for Capcom to revisit that series in some way so they say this because .... Well because Dinosaurs. That's all 😒

CrimsonWing69342d ago

I know right!? I got excited thinking some Ex-Capcom devs were trying to do something like what other Ex-devs were doing with spiritual successors to Castlevania and Suikoden. I watch this and it’s a first person shooter with dinosaurs... I’m pretty sure there’s more to Dino Crisis than guns and dinosaurs. This would be like saying Left 4 Dead is a spiritual successor to Resident Evil.

342d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.