God of War Big Eyes Gameplay Is Both Creepy and Funny at the Same Time

This God of War big eyes gameplay is sometimes funny, but mostly creepy! Watch nine minutes of gameplay to see Kratos, Atreus and more with googly eyes.

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n-skyline123d ago

As if Kratos didn't look serious enough.

Aussiesummer122d ago

Googly eyes makes him look serious? Seriously?

n-skyline122d ago

I seriously think that being stared at by googly eyes that cant blink looks serious.

potatoseal122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

I HATE stuff like this, and also seeing Kratos dance in fortnite. I know it's harmless but it triggers the shit out of me. To me, it kind of ruins the character in way. I know it's stupid to think like this, but yeah.. I can't stand to watch shit like this.

EDIT: I can't even bare to look at the thumbnail lol

Abnor_Mal122d ago

Same, I tried looking at the video yesterday and turned it off after a few seconds. I also did not like to see Kratos doing fortnite dances, as you said it ruins the character.

excaliburps122d ago

That pic is the stuff of nightmares. LOL!

Aussiesummer122d ago

Jeezus, how'd you feel about the humorous poses in the photo mode? Must of had a meltdown.

Abnor_Mal122d ago

I know the question wasn't directed to me, but I will still provide an opinion. I did not like any of the silly faces in any game that allowed for those types of faces.

I don't want to see, let's say Deacon making silly faces while taking out a freaker. Blood spraying from the knife slash to the throat and Deek has a goofy face. It just doesn't match the feel of the game, so I don't use them and don't look at any pictures posted with those effects in use.

Nacho_Z122d ago

I don't feel that strongly about it but I know what you mean, I don't read articles like this so I can keep the original as intact as possible.

Maybe it's a similar thing, I never want to know who the actors are who do the voice work for animations. To this day I'm not sure who does who on South Park and I don't want to know. Finding out that Bart Simpson was voiced by a middle aged woman was a bit weird.

122d ago
chicken_in_the_corn122d ago

Exactly. It's a complete tonal clash

Teflon02122d ago

While I get ignoring because you didn't like or turning it off. They're character skins in Fortnite lol. It's not that serious to be triggered. It's not like it's real Kratos.

Also do you get triggered by things like VRChat and games where ppl mod other characters in for fun? Comedic voice overs because they would never say the lines in the comedy etc?

Get what I'm saying. While Kratos is a badass. You really gotta learn to differentiate the legit game and comedy lol. Don't let that stuff bother you like that. Like, seeing Kratos in Fortnite, I never remotely think of that when I start up GoW so it can't bother me lol.

potatoseal122d ago

I guess I shouldn't have used the word 'triggered'. I'm not really triggered. I was only joking on that front. But I don't like it, and watching videos of him dancing or something like that feels very very weird to me.

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