Games for Windows Live standalone client is... live, anemic

Opposable Thumbs: "The Games for Windows branch of Microsoft has been active lately. In the face of strong criticism that the corporation wasn't doing enough to help PC gaming, Microsoft released a number of changes to its Games for Windows Live system to make it more attractive; gamers were no longer being charged to play online, and they could enjoy a host of cross-platform features with Xbox 360 gamers. The launch of the standalone Games for Windows Live Marketplace and desktop client is here, and the software is now available for download.

The standalone client is currently the main gateway through which Games for Windows patrons will be able to purchase downloadable content-though the official web site will soon offer similar functionality. Borrowing the styling from the company's Windows Live software, the Games for Windows Live client fits in neatly with the company's other Live wares and will likely find its way into future OS updates."

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I Call 9MM3700d ago

So it let's me access the Marketplace and that's it. Hell, they could have just used a website instead if this is all the client will do. I was expecting something much better then this, but leave it to Microsoft to know how to shoot themselves in the foot better then anyone else.