Valhalla Has The Best Assassin's Creed Open World

Devin Rardrin: Thanks to Ubisoft’s efforts, Valhalla comes across as a new standard for not only Assassin’s Creed, but open-world design in general.

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ScootaKuH64d ago

It's decent but by the end of it I was really feeling the open world fatigue. It suffers from the same thing most open world games suffer from; lack of variety. Not in the world itself, but with things to do. Having said that, it's got far more variety in the side missions than Spider-Man. Man that game was repetitive

TheSinsibleOne63d ago

Nah Oddyssey was miles better. had boat battles and Small scale battles on the fields.


I agree. Imo it definitely has the best in the series.

WillyC00963d ago

I’m not sure I’d refer to it as the best of them all, but I certainly think it was better then odyssey’s terrible open world. Copy and pasted areas with the exactly same buildings and layout, followed by open areas that really didn’t look impressive and nothing in all.

Nacho_Z63d ago

I felt like Odyssey's locations did feel different considering it took place in the same country at the same time in history. If it was any more different it would have been historically inaccurate and that would have been a shame

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The story is too old to be commented.