The High Price Of The Kingdom Hearts Series On Epic Games Store Is Unacceptable

Kingdom Hearts on PC is overpriced and should not be selling as if they are new games, the high price may even hurt general interest.

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Knightofelemia62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

It happens with any other game if the game is a timed exclusive then is announced to another platform of course the game is going to cost more on the new platform it was announced for. FFX at the time when it was announced cost more on XB1 then it did on PS4 and when it came to the Switch the price was the same as the XB1 version. Meanwhile the PS4 version was the cheaper alternative. And I think if the KH Collection was announced for the Switch it would also be floating around the same price as the PC port. Leaving the PS4 and XB1 versions as the cheaper alternative. After a while when that game is on that platform the price drops off pretty fast it happened with World of Final Fantasy the game was cheaper on PS4 then it was ported to XB1 after a while they are basically the same price now. Only time a game is going to be the same price across the board whether PS4, XB1, Switch, or even PC is if the game is a multiplatrom title. If you're dying to play the game that bad then pay the price or play other games and wait for the price to drop. KH3 when it came out was $80 brand new on PS4 I waited a while and grabbed it for $20 at Best Buy new. Still wish Square would give me a physical copy of the KH Collection for XB1 just to collect.

BranWheatKillah61d ago

What country were you in that KH3 was $80 at release?

$60 here in the US.

FallenAngel198462d ago (Edited 62d ago )

That’s how much these games cost individually on PSN & XBLM. Why would they be cheaper on PC than they are on the other storefronts?

Just wait for a sale to come around if you want them at a cheaper price

Destiny108062d ago

Pc gamers gave up their rights to own a physical copy and in doing so expected lower prices

know its time to pay the piper

SDuck61d ago

I dont see the problem with those prices.
-HD ReMIX are like 4 or 5 games which would make it $10 a game
-2.8 is a two game bundle plus a movie
-KH3 is the last main entry on the franchise, obvious it will still be that pricey
-Melody of Memory is the last game that came out and it explores the content of all the other games in one entry

Now, I admit the last one being a rythm game is something I would never give that much money for but still, I understand why since it didn't came out that long ago

Teflon0261d ago

They should have did the whole box you can get on PS4 and just full price it. On PS4 you can get every game up to KH3 in a bundle for like $40 and that's not even a exaggeration.

Vits61d ago

The issue itself is not the price of the games individually. Is the fact that contrary to the console version there is no "Collection" that feature the main games at a lower price and being a SE game. Meaning that regional pricing is awful, deals will likely not supress 50% off and the port quality might be lacking.

And to add salt to the injury. This is a EGS exclusive and with that it lack features. For example achievement hunting is not a thing in this version as there is no achievements.

So while it's nice to have the game on the platform. On those conditions, it's only worth for big fans of the franchise. And those likely already got a console to play the games.

Teflon0261d ago

Once I saw EGS I said nope for the fact of achievement and trophies. I have em all on PS4 anyways so I'm just sticking with it. Also find it dumb to see big publishers like that really excluding steam for a little bank when it'll effect them long term to exclude steam

Vits60d ago

Unfortunately it often don't affect them. Because as most games are only exclusives for a year. Once they reach Steam they sell like they are brand new tittles. For example Satisfactory was likely one of the worst case of exclusivity. With the developers actually being sort of assholes about the whole deal and it went to be a multi-milion seller on Steam a year later.

So for many. Is basically a bag of money now for "free" and then in a year they will chash out on the Steam market anyway. Though it often also feature some deal once it reach Steam, so hopeful we get the cheaper collection in a year when SE release it there.

lonewolf1061d ago

I'm waiting for sale prices, will be interesting to see how well it does at full price.

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