How the Xbox 360 beat the PS3 on Black Friday


"Microsoft has really done a great job of working with various retailers this holiday weekend. I haven't seen practically any advertisements from Sony's camp. Could they have fallen asleep or maybe Sony is putting all of its stock into Christmas?

Regardless, if Sony doesn't drop the price of the PS3, the console could have a very difficult time catching up to Microsoft. On a side note, I did manage to snatch up a 640GB hard drive from Staples for $69, by waltzing in around 5 p.m. Did any of our readers have any luck during Black Friday?"

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chaosatom3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

LOL, so so True.

I was going to buy an Xbox, but than figured that most I am saving is 50 bucks, and I am getting 7 Free games that I am not ever going to play. I mean who wants a Lego Indian Jones and other mediocore games!

If it was bundled with Gears 1 and 2, then maybe, but Microsoft did pull a Wool over People's eyes. There is no doubt about that.

ALso I figured that I going to need a Wifi adpater and then I said No I am not buying a $100 adpater for $300 xbox.

Genesis53696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Yes and if they play live in 2 years they will have paid the same amount for a 60 gig 360 as an 80 gig PS3. 3 years they will have paid $50 more. Most people don't look at the big picture. Not to mention the hundreds of dollars they would have to spend to bring the 360's features up to par with what the PS3 comes with out of the box.

season0073696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

sell it dirt cheap

how in 2009?

$99usd price tag for arcade

o and i just noticed i lost a bubble today lol
i guess my recent comments really did hurt some poor souls

AAACE53696d ago

Who wants Lego Indiana Jones and Fung-fu panda?

Kids do!

Remember, MS and Sony's focus for this holiday were to get kids to want their system. That's why Sony came out with LBP... remember?

pathetic fanboys3696d ago

when you live with mom and dad and have no say were the router goes. i have my own house, can easily afford a wi-fi adaptor, have a wi-fi router, but still prefer to connect via cables. and i can have the router where i want it. it's my house after all. all these people talking about wi-fi, wont have to worry when they grow up and move out.

ReBurn3696d ago

Pull the wool over people's eyes? You can't fool the willing. People didn't pay less for any hardware, but many got a better value. Getting a console at $199 or $299 with 4 to 7 games included is a value, not a ripoff. It doesn't matter how you spin it.

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SDS Gamerfiend3696d ago

It was cheaper with more games!

thebudgetgamer3696d ago

it makes sence i bought my ps3 at 400 cause of the extras besides games but you take the average person they will think i cand spend 400 $ for this console or 200 and a few games their going to go for that but you also have to remember the average person is stupid


PimpHandHappy3696d ago

starting at 199

thats how

its been spammed all over my TV the last 4 weeks!

joevfx3696d ago

yeah and then they brign it hoem and fidn out they need to spend more then it would have cost to get a PS3 to get the $199 xbox to get online gaming, be wirless, and get a hardrive where they can save more then games saves adn install there games. Shoppers are morons and Microsoft is taking advantage of all you lemings.

Kushan3696d ago

joevfx > This might be a shock to you, but some people just want to play games and don't care about anything else. For those that want all those extra features, the option is there to buy them. The only validish point that you made was the cost of the wireless adapter - that truly is disgraceful.

sretlaw3696d ago

Actually the wireless adapter was the least valid point, while the hard drive was the most.

AAACE53696d ago

For the last time... Alot of people will never play online games! Some people just buy the system to play the games and nothing more. The online stuff is non-existant to them.

Or they could have the same misconception I used to, where I believed that online gaming made you the ultimate nerd. So I avoided it entirely with Ps2 and Xbox 1, and waited a year until I tried it on the 360!

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slugg3696d ago

Microsoft: Drop price on all versions of system, and for the Pro, include 2 games from Franchises people have heard of-- Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones, for NO EXTRA COST.

Sony: Double the size of the HDD to 160 GB, even though most average consumers wont understand the value of more storage, and include a game most people have never heard of-- Uncharted? Whats that? Then, RAISE THE PRICE $100.00 over the already most expensive system on the market, while the US economy is in recession.

ReBurn3696d ago

Interesting take. Good job.

monfa3696d ago

Who cares though , they are now cheaper then Nintendo and are all over the TV and still can't get the same sales.
When was the last time Mercedes outsold the Fiat panda?

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