Opposable Thumbs Review - SingStar ABBA: we were defeated, you won the war

Opposable Thumbs: "The question: with games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour on the market, is there room for singing-only experiences like SingStar and Lips? Yesterday Frank gave you his thoughts on Microsoft's take on karaoke with Lips and was pleasantly surprised, and today I'm going to tackle Singstar: ABBA.The answer is yes, the multiplayer component of these games and included videos and camera functionality make singing-only games a proper alternative to plastic instruments. But... ABBA?

Do you remember that scene in Dexter when the killer hung a Barbie head on the refrigerator, and Dexter knew that there was someone out there who knew his dark secret? That's how I felt when I opened my package from Sony to see SingStar: ABBA looking up at me. Who knew of my secret desire to sing "Mamma Mia?" Who had been reading my unicorn diary?"

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