Should you revisit God of War on PS5?

Kratos and Atreus are back and looking better than ever.

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masterfox130d ago

If you have the chance go for it, it already look gorgeous in the PS4, now with the added locked 60 fps is just unbelievable how it looks , so much detail in the world, physics, combat, incredible animations, all these running at this framerate is just insane!, not freaking joking! Playstation exclusives are the best looking games the game industry has at this very moment.

Imalwaysright129d ago

The same exact game running at 60fps and beyond vs 30 fps to me is an objective upgrade in visual fidelity. I don't know why but It just looks better to me.

Babadook7129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Yup. I feel that way about Days Gone too. Would be cool to get FF7R and especially TLoU2 at 60.

Neonridr129d ago

it's because it looks smoother, detail doesn't get lost with the judder.

GreatSako2020128d ago

Maybe high fps improves temporal resolution

darthv72130d ago

I have not gotten very far into it. I've only faced the first big boss type of guy and decided to pause my play through until I can get a PS5.

Knightofelemia130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Don't see why not whether PS5 or PS4 its a great game that looks great and plays great and has a great story if you can snag it cheap to play it's well worth. It's a great time killer until Ragnarok drops I enjoyed the game if I could find a PS5 I would enjoy playing it for a 5th time.

purple101130d ago

You will return. Ragnarok will return. The axe will return..

Be ready.


Hellcat2020130d ago

I put 85hrs into it for ps4
I'm diving into it again for ps5 at the moment
Fantastic update

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The story is too old to be commented.