PS3 MMOs - Do You Care?

PS3 Attitude's Brodiesan discusses Sony's intentions towards the MMO genre. With their entrance into the field next year with such games as The Agency, Free Realms and DC Universe Online, will they experience success or epic failure?

We also take a look at the MMOs in general and gauge console owners' attitude towards the popular gaming genre.

We offer a multi question survey with such questions as: "Is the PS3 better suited for MMOs than the 360 and/or Wii?" "What other franchises would you like see get the MMO treatment?" and the all important: "How much would you pay to play MMOs on your PS3?"

Have an opinion? Go to the site and make it heard.

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PirateThom3697d ago

I wouldn't pay to play anything. Don't believe in it, support it with ads.

DolphGB3697d ago

...but how long will it be before the ad providers realise that they're not generating enough revenue from in-game advertising and pull the money out?

I think subscription or micro-transactions are the way to go... but go fill out the survey so your voice is heard.

PirateThom3697d ago

Well, a mix of both, I didn't even include microtransactions because every game seems to have them anyway.

DolphGB3697d ago

...and there's no reason to think PS3 MMOs will be any different, I guess; especially with the success of DLC on the platform.

Brodiesan3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )


I agree but look at what happened with Tabula Rasa. Apparently a good game (I admit to not having played it) but, with a lack of money coming in, it's getting canned.

I'm all for the free stuff! But, acting as devil's advocate here, the most popular MMO at the moment is thriving with a subscription model. Does this not suggest it works?

Or does it merely suggest it "worked" but gamers won't be interested in this payment avenue in the future?

Take the survey on the site. I'd be interested to see your reaction to the other questions poised.


Brodiesan (author)

PirateThom3697d ago

Questions all answered.

And my reasoning for prefering to not use a subscription based model is exactly the reason I don't play MMOs. A game would have to have a good hook for me to want to play it enough to warrant paying monthly to play it.

TheColbertinator3697d ago

The most successful free MMO is Guild Wars but I'm not sure if it will still be alive in the next few years.Apparently I heard Angel Love Online in Japan is doing very well

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sajj3163697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

I will if its free ... don't care if there are ads in the game!

King20083697d ago

I love MMO...I played FFXI for years and if another one can come out (on consoles) then i'll definitely invest in it if it is a good game.

Johnny Rotten3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

I will pay up to $60 for a game, example: if the game is free then I'll be willing to pay $10 for 6 months of gameplay and so on. If I happen to still enjoy the game after 6 months then I have no problems paying for more time, but to me 6 months is a really long time.

I don't see how this will hurt the gaming business? It's just opening up new ways to entertain people, both The Agency and Huxley sound pretty cool.

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