The Medium Review – Ghost with the most | Vamers

While not entirely original, The Medium serves as a wonderful experience that marries the best of the classic fixed camera horror titles with brand-new gameplay mechanics and level design. The story is a little bit short and there are one too few explorable locales, but the experience itself remains fun. Bloober Team did a great job at creating yet another suspenseful video game. Everything, from the world [both of them] to the way the characters are designed to interact with it, and everything in between, show a lot of dedication. Voices may be a bit weak, and animation does leave a lot to be desired, but The Medium is a must-have for fans of the classic horror genre. It is a slow and methodical game with a decent pay off at the end. The Medium may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it most assuredly fills a niche no longer catered for by the likes of Capcom or Konami.

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