Ghostbusters Game Getting Creepier

Ghostbusters has always taken a somewhat humorous approach to ghosts and the horror genre, but this could be changing with Ghostbusters: The Video Game, according to one of the game's developers. And, it turns out, that helps explain why the game won't see store shelves until June 2008.

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cain1413702d ago

I hope that's true. This game has some great potential.

predator3702d ago

Im just glad the game is still coming out

cain1413702d ago

Yeah I was nervous at first when it was looking for a publisher...

Grasty3702d ago

great stuff .... i look forward to it.

Nick27283702d ago

Well, the movies did have their creepy moments(it was a ghost movie after all) but what made Ghostbusters great is that they mixed the story with enough humor that it stopped the film from being too scary and without it being too hokey.

I'm glad it's still coming out but I hope they stay true to the original spirit of the movie.

Johnny Rotten3702d ago

ooook I hope this doesn't have co-op?

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