The Medium pushes PC hard - and even 1080p60 is off the table for high-end rigs

The Medium was a fascinating, technologically impressive next-gen only release for Xbox Series consoles - but what about PC? Not surprisingly, this game turns out to be super-demanding, even on the most powerful PC hardware money can buy. But is it really 'unoptimised' or is it simply the nature of the content Bloober has delivered? And is there anything that can be done to get a better experience - either through patches, or via settings tweaks? Alex investigates.

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XxINFERNUSxX61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

"The Medium on PC is difficult to recommend wholeheartedly, because try as we might, we can't get it to run well - and that's a shame, because there is much to commend and to enjoy in this game." Not optimized it seems.

waverider61d ago

Another bad port for PC. Medium doesnt set any standard on graphics, much less is demanding in terms of action....

Ash01Live61d ago

It's not a bad pc port, it runs shit on xbox series x too, so it's just a generally poorly made game

DerGaertner61d ago

Why is it always a bad port when a game that is developed on a pc is released day 1 for pc?

It´s not optimized, but there is no "bad port" possible, it IS a pc game.

Einhander197161d ago

Runs ok my series S to be fair.

QuePasa8761d ago

I'll probably wait a year or more for new hardware and updates to make things better