Playstation Home Stores opening December 4

Home Community Manager TedTheDog has just revealed on the official SCEE forums that stores in the Playstation Home MALL will open tomorrow, straight after a maintenance scheduled for 7am GMT.

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Bren863704d ago

Nice, wouldn't mind a browse to see whats for sale, not buying anything though.

gw4k3704d ago

You can put me down for two! I have two buddies rocking on Home right now thanks to my beta code. Cheers mates, more is coming to Home!

Genesis53703d ago

Guess I'll be going to the mall tomorrow. That's great.

psnDevistator3563703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Home is a great experience but all you keep on wanting more. The more the better!!!SUCK IT NXE!!!

Oh yea my Avatar needs some black sunglasses on home!!!

RememberThe3573703d ago

I'll be heading to mall tomorrow as well.

Spydiggity3703d ago

i can't wait for the virtual store that sells virtual items to open so i can spend real money i don't have on fake items i don't need.

chewy3173703d ago

its open on the hk/sg beta!!!!!

N2NOther3703d ago

I wasn't impressed with Home beyond the graphics...I mean, do I seriously have to pay for virtual clothes, furniture, etc. for a virtual character? That's retarded. I can't even make an accurate likeness because they don't have beards as a facial hair choice.

prowiew3703d ago

When this will launch? Too much waiting and I dont care anymore about home. I hope when it comes out, it has something big to grab me again

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S1nnerman3704d ago

Super :) Do we actually have to pay with real money for stuff?

kapedkrusader3704d ago

...that you will receive virtual money to use in HOME according to your Trophy count.

Kyur4ThePain3704d ago

That's a clever way to drive up software sales.

Marceles3703d ago

I hope that's true, I'm on lvl 10 so HOME mansion here I come

Conan9973703d ago

damn, that the highest i've ever heard. you are a true gamer

locos853703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

damn level 10!! i think i'm at level 4. Just started Far Cry 2 so expecting more trophies soon. I would have had a lot more trophies if Socom would have come with them to begin with. Still waiting for patch 1.30

INehalemEXI3703d ago

Sweet , I hope that rumor be true 2. Im not @ lvl 10 though /shame

Im close to hitting lvl 6 :D

firesoul873703d ago

lv 10? and I thought my level 8 was high...

Gambit073703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I've seen lvl 12...

...of course, if his signature thingy is correct on a forum.

BLuKhaos3703d ago

I'm just a measly level 4 and 1/2 but I plan on getting the last four trophies I need for burnout and the rest of the GTA and Battlefield trophies.I wonder how much money they give you per trophy.

chewy3173703d ago

u use real money for now even though all the items are free..currently

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Radiodread3704d ago

that's cool. 2 bad I'm not in the beta. RELEASE THE FULL VERSION ALREADY.

HoangLow3704d ago

i got a extra beta code if you want it

aiphanes3704d ago

It will be out in a few weeks....

TheColbertinator3704d ago

Sounds cool but hopefully they don't charge for stupid stuff

BlackRaven853703d ago

I actually expect there will be at least one item that will be blown up by the end of that day, on this site getting pushed a high degree and fanboys make a big deal about it. It's expected.

Craig David3704d ago

I need to change my pants haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mr PS33704d ago

You just Realise living in a Trailer Park and Owning a 360 aint Cool !!

Thy Silly Little BoT

OmarJA3704d ago

What's wrong ? masturbating ?