Gamer Limit - Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Review

The Gamer Limit: "Style over substance is the theme of Activision's newest entry into their long running Spider-Man series. Keeping the open world aspect of previous Spidey games, Web of Shadows institutes a fresh new combat system that allows Peter Parker to beat down foes like never before. While the combat serves to keep things interesting, Web of Shadows eventually falls victim to the same trappings of its predecessors: the game is technically sloppy, the majority of the quests are vastly uninteresting, and there just isn't anything interesting to do in this world.

Web of Shadows takes place over the course of 4 days, and unfortunately for Spidey, these 4 days turn out to be the worst of his life. From the get-go, Venom attacks, leaving Mary Jane hospitalized. He then manages to infect Peter with the black symbiote from Spider-Man 3, and so begins the game. The symbiote provides Peter with an alternate costume to fight in. Switching between the classic red suit and the black symbiote suit gives Spidey some varying experiences in the story, in addition to different bonuses in combat."

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