Call of Duty 4, You Bastard, You've Ruined Me

Loot Ninja writes:

"First off, this article is for those of us who are still hooked on "COD4? online. So, for those of you who are able to happily play "Gears of War 2?, "Resistance 2?, "Metal Gear Online", "Halo 3?, or even "COD: World at War" without thinking they'd rather be playing "Call of Duty 4?, consider yourselves the lucky ones and don't bother reading any further. For the rest of us, those of us who dream of airstikes and reaching level 37 to get your hands on the G36c again, this is for us."

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chaosatom3696d ago

Killzone 2 will Ruin him even more.

Slinger4203696d ago

I said it a year ago, and will say it again because it's still relevant. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is soooo ahead of it's time. Maybe, just maybe Killzone 2 will compare, we'll see...

taz80803696d ago

COD 4 really is one of the best shooters in along time.

iiprotocolii3696d ago

There's not really anything that can compete with CoD4's online experience. As much as we should boycott Infinity Ward for crappy service, I still find myself hugging the damn game. It's just that awesome.

taz80803696d ago

COD 4 set a precedence, COD 5 set it back a step