VGM: NBA 2K9 Review


"The soundtrack in the game isn't the best, but a couple of tracks do a nice job of setting an appropriate atmosphere for the game. This isn't quite an EA Sports soundtrack, but it's serviceable nonetheless. The real praise to be given for the audio is in the commentary and considering that's what you'll be hearing more of than anything else, it would seem appropriate that 2K Sports nailed it in that area.

In all NBA 2K9 has brought us another stellar helping of NBA basketball. If you're a fan of the NBA, you'll love how perfectly this game captures everything that makes the sport so entertaining. There is something to be said for the casual fan who enjoys the less simulation oriented approach of the NBA Live series, but for the hardcore hoops aficionado, there's no doubt that NBA 2K9 is the premier basketball game on the market today."

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