Godfall - Primal Update Trailer | PS5

The Primal Update includes powerful new loot modifiers and a substantial upgrade to endgame activities—all for free. Thank you for playing.

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LordoftheCritics61d ago

The video feels like a parody.

Luc2060d ago

Still no matchmaking. This is the reason I sold it after 2 weeks. Combat was great but couldn't play online with anyone.

Rangerman120860d ago

Agreed. Still, it's nice to see the devs still continue to support the game, as well as adding new post game content, something that the game really lacked from launch.

Let's just hope they'll continue to support it, as I don't want this game to suffer the same fate as Anthem.

Luc2057d ago

It's a good game just wasn't ready for November launch. As soon as there's matchmaking I'll play it again :-)

Vengeance113860d ago

A great game gets greater! So glad to have bought this Day 1, really appreciate the free content too! Anyone sleeping on this one are pure clowns.

Emme60d ago

Godfall, Gods must fall, Greedfall...very imaginative industry.

DarkZane60d ago

I am waiting for it to be $20 before I buy it (or until it get inevitably free on ps plus).

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